Superior Healthcare Solutions Customized to Suit Your Needs

The Meridian Group offers several Custom Programs that have been designed to meet the demands of doing business more efficiently and cost effectively in today's healthcare environment.

Private Branding – We offer our distribution customers the ability to private label any of the products in our OmniGuard portfolio. A range of packaging options is available – from simple black & white labels to 4-color process printing on either cartons, inner packaging, or both.

Just-in-Time Service (JIT) – We maintain your inventory so you don't have to! We can maintain specific inventory levels for our customers, then deliver them to you on an automatic basis or on an on-demand basis. This benefit is cost effective on many levels – eliminating your need for large inventory space, as well as your need to pay upfront for large shipments.

Bid Quotations – We welcome the opportunity to win your business! We will accept and respond to any and all bid quotation requests in a fast and thorough manner.

Contact an OmniGuard sales representative today to find out how we can help customize our products and services to better serve your needs.